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Our professional New Hampshire carpet cleaning services provide for your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our offer include: STEAM SHAMPOOING, per-treating soiled stains, deodorizing, and sanitizing your carpets, looking and smelling next to new!

We use a butler truck mount steam system rated America's best in the industry. We specialize in prompt, satisfactory service and are currently scheduling same or next day service!

 Did You Know?

Steam is not only the best for your carpets, but it's also the best for your family! Here are some reasons why steam cleaning is the right choice for you...

  • Steam kills well-known bacteria such as dust mites, E. coli, and salmonella.

  • It never over soaks your carpet.

  • There is no re-stretching needed, so no need to worry about ruined backings.

  • There is a 338% increase in its cleaning impact versus the average 110°F of lower temperature machines.

  • The higher temperature of the steam increases the effectiveness of the chemicals used so that oily and greasy stains can be cleaned more thoroughly.

  • Steam cleaning uses the steam's expansion to accelerate water droplets to a high velocity at boiling point.

  • Water in a heat exchanger is heated to 220°F, which kills all bacteria including feces parasites.

Special Offer

Get 10% off on carpet cleaning when you order both House and Carpet Cleaning.

This is for on going house cleaning only!

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